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All twins, all the time

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Welcome to Twinspiration, a community for fan fiction, fan art, and fan appreciation of James and Oliver Phelps (and Fred and George Weasley).

This community is dedicated to slash involving our favorite twins. Together. If this offends you, Twinspiration is not the community for you. If, however, you decide to click a link and read anyway, don't complain about what you find. You were warned.

There are stories and art here of all ratings and genres. Due to the adult content of some of these, you must be eighteen (18) to join this community. Both community membership and posting are moderated. Please be sure that your birthdate is located in a place such that we, your friendly mods, are able to verify that you are eligible to join.

Disclaimer: All stories and artistic scenarios contained here are complete fiction, and have nothing to do with reality. These are simply fantasies being shared between fans – no aspersions upon the Phelps brothers are intended, nor is any offence. Fan fiction in the Harry Potter universe is based on the creation of J. K. Rowling, and was created purely for entertainment purposes. No money is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Insults, flames, and troll-posts will be deleted, and the LJ user who posted them will be banned from the community.

Posting rules:

1. Slash dominates here. If het sex occurs in your story or art, please ensure it is not the primary focus.

2. No Net-speak in posts.

3. Please be kind to readers. We highly recommend having a beta (or at least your computer's spell/grammar check) look over your story before you post it.

4. This community is for James/Oliver or Fred/George discussion and creativity only. If you want to discuss other twins or other members of the Harry Potter universe, please do so in the appropriate forum; that is, not here.

5. Posting photos is allowed, with credit to the source. In addition to the fangirl squeeing you'll hear from the mods' corners, we encourage commentary or meta-discussion related to photos posted, particularly if you think the item in question helps illustrate a particular theory on or aspect of the twins' relationship.

6. Re: feedback. Constructive criticism should be precisely that: constructive. Please be courteous in your comments and posts. Personal attacks and rude comments are neither appreciated nor appropriate, and will earn a warning from your moderators, who may be cranky when provoked. A second incident of such behavior will earn a boot to the rear and removal from the community.

7. Please use the header below. Feel free to use the community disclaimer for your offerings if you so desire.

8. Stories or art with NC-17 (Mature) ratings should be posted friends-locked to the community.

9. All stories, art, and pictures should be posted behind a livejournal cut.

10. When posting pictures (whether art or photos), please credit sources where possible if you are not the copyright holder.